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Once Upon a Train Station – Maison Moschino Milan

In 1840 a railway station opened in Milan operating the second oldest railway in Italy, whilst the exterior of this station still stands tall in Milan, once you go through the doors…. all is not as it seems. “Where once handkerchiefs were waved at lovers disappearing in the distance, a new world has been brought to life.”  This world being the world of fairy tales with a Moschino brand twist. There is certainly no mistaking the hand of a Fashion designer in this design.

“Entering the Maison Moschino is like falling down the rabbit hole: after a while, you come to expect the unexpected…..Welcome to Maison Moschino, where four stars meet a few clouds – and the occasional teacup table, forest bedpost, and rose petal-covered bedspread”

Yes I think I am becoming a little obsessed with the whimsical charm of childhood stories and their interpretation into the adult world…. but with the modern day hustle and bustle I would love to book a ticket on that train to visit ( just need to save up those pennies! or borrow Harry Potter’s broom stick)…. I hope you enjoy the journey / story too. – Just grab yourself a key and lets go explore!!

The Entrance

As you enter you are met by sheep sculptures and sheep pendant lamps, ghostly dresses floating bodyless in the foyer.

The Restaurant

Where the seats are draped with ball dresses

The Rooms

Now choose your key carefully as you could be met by Alice, Red Riding Hood or the Big Bad Wolf…..(From Left to right “Alice Room”, “ZZZZZ room” “Life is a Bed of Roses” very “American Beauty” don’t you think.)

My Favourite has to be the “Luxurious Attic Room” with all of the old toy boxes stacked up in pure white, they have even introduced glistening cob web.

You could venture into the forest with an owl to keep watch

Or wrap up in ball gown……. and dance the night away.

But just be careful… as you never know who you might find in your bed…. in “The Red Riding Hood” Room.

Or for those with a sweet tooth “The Sweet Room”

For those who want to bring the lobby into their room then book into the “Clouds” room which includes some extra friends for company.

Or get all tied up in the “ribbon room”….

There are many more to choose from.. with a real surprise awaiting behind every door of a surrealist fairy tale ideal…. which is your favourite???

On with the colourful journey……….

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