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Portobello Style and Cockney Influences

Portobello Markets

It seems that nostalgia, no matter what the weather, the era or economic climate, seems to keep coming back as a style or influence, and no lesser so than in the UK. Perhaps because when the hard times hit we love to transport ourselves back to the “good ol’ days”.

My last stop in London was the Portobello Markets, despite having lived in the UK for 24 years, three of which were in London, I realised I had never actually gone (very ashamed).

For a real nostalgic trip this is the place to go in London, with every vintage stall you could think of, although I would think it is fair to say that it is not easy to get a bargain, they are shrewd sellers and don’t seem to take too kindly to a barter conversation…. as I witnessed when a couple of tourists tried to barter down a necklace.. the cockney response of the “barrow girl” did not hold back lets put it that way, and I don’t think they will be trying that again!!!

vintage sports memorabilia store Portobello Markets – Source Birdcage Design

I just love this vintage sports stall, I just imagine all the tales attributed to sporting triumph and defeat.  These would be so great for styling a boys room. I am a little annoyed that I had never ventured here before as the source for ideas is amazing, although definitely easier when you are on your own I think as it is very easy to loose whoever you are with!!  (So I have cheated a bit below and cannot take credit for a few of the photo’s but “The Mad Moppola” and “Kirinote” did a much better job than me at fighting through the crowds!)

Stall devoted to type sets source kirinote blogspot

Even Charlie Chaplin was out for a stroll…. unfortunately he was not for sale.

All Saints

Now I am obviously very out of touch with the fashion scene of london and my 12 year old niece was amazed at my excitement about the All Saints store, which apparently “like, OMG!!!” is “like” this large chain of clothes stores that started life in the London district of Spitalfields.  And while the clothes were also “like” quite cool….it was the interior that caught my eye, with what must have been literally hundreds of old singer sewing machines….. not quite sure how they sourced so many, especially given the number of stores that they have and the size of the stores but the industrial style and simple idea certainly got me going “OMG”!

All Saints Store – Portobello Markets (source Birdcage Design)

 Well enough nostalgic style for today, a little more tomorrow…. on with the colourful journey………..

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