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Pulp Fiction – Debbie Wijskamp

Dutch designer Debbie Wijskamp only graduated in 2009, but was quick to commence her design practice out of Arnhem designing and producing her own collection of (interior) products and other objects. .

Wijskamp is inspired by everyday objects and materials which surround us and likes to investigate the. boundaries of various materials and techniques to find out what possibilities they offer to create new objects like furniture and interior accessories.

Pulp Cabinets

Inspired by different cultures, making their homes with materials found in their surroundings, Wijskamp wanted to design her own building material. Experimenting with the recycling newspaper resulted in a new material which had it’s own characteristics, appearance and structure. This medium has been the main source of Wijskamp’s portfolio over the last few years, from sturdy furniture….. to more fragile decoration vessels, all of which are perfectly functional.

Each item is unique in that the colour of the finished product will ultimately depend on the amount of ink in the newspaper used.

Paperpulp Cabinets by Debbie Wijskamp
Paperpulp Cabinets by Debbie Wijskamp

You can also click here for a little short film on the process used.

Paper Pulp Vases

The vases are made out of recycled paper and are strong and waterproof to hold your favourite flowers, I love the industrial almost cast concrete look.

Paperpulp Vases by Debbie Wijskamp for Serax
Paperpulp Vases by Debbie Wijskamp for Serax

Add a little colour….

For those of you who prefer a little colour in your decor, you are not forgotten….

Paperpulp+ by Debbie Wijskamp

Let me know what you think…. On with the colourful journey……………..

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