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Queen Bee Style – Unleashing the Inner Goddess (well so they say)

As you will have seen from an earlier post, one of the images that caught my attention during my exploration of the Vatican Crypts was the image of the bee (pictured above).   A bee is a symbol of many things it would seem, but one theory I particularly like is that, by virtue of the fact that they are ruled by a Queen, they are the Symbol of the Goddess…..So maybe my inner goddess is drawn to these little creatures!!! (Just humour me OK!)

So to add a little subtle Goddess to your home I have sourced some little finds…….

In the crockery cupboard……..

La Rochere

My favourite has to be the traditional Bee glass ware by La Rochere.  Probably to be found in every shabby chic french homeware shop for miles around, but I love them… they add the perfect little talking piece to the table and look perfect with orange juice or pinot gris… so perhaps not too original in “the finds” here, but I could not ignore them.

Laura Zindel

Espresso Cup and Saucer: Bumble Bee, Clover – Source laurazindeldesign

Located in Vermont, US Laura Zindel is an artist and designer who combines her passion for ceramics and naturalist illustration into unique housewares and objets d’art. Her work integrates techniques from the Arts & Crafts movement with modern industrial design practices and decorative arts inspired by the natural world.

Dinnerware Set: Bees – Source laurazindeldesign            Oval Platter: Honey Bee

Now in terms of the insect thing on dinner ware, bees and maybe a couple of dragonflies are about my limit, but if you are into the naturalist ceramics it is well worth checking out Laura’s other illustrated collections… just be warned there are a couple of spiders in there…but maybe they are the perfect dinner plate to give an unwanted dinner guest a message!!!!

On the walls…………

Farrow and Ball

UK based paint company Farrow and Ball have a range of bumble bee hand printed wallpapers to add a little sting to your decor.

On the sofa relax…….

…with Jennifer Lyons vintage Mr Bee cushion cover from her Etsy Store…

antique Mr. Bee pillow cover - vintage style - gray - home decor - linen

or Simple Southern Charm’s embroidered bee and dragonfly cushion cover…..

Decorative Cushion Pillow Cover  18 inch Embroidery, Gray, Yellow, Gold, Buzzing Dragonflies and Bumble Bees . Waverly

Or just decorate yourself……..

Alex Munroe for Liberty

How cute is this little pendant by Alex Munro for Liberty,??? It is also available in Solid Gold from Alex’s online store…..

Have fun unleashing the symbol of your inner goddess….. on with the colourful journey……

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