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Quirky Things to make you smile – Nonesuch Things


I have to say that I think life is a little too short not to smile at at least a couple of things a day.  On my travels I spotted these cute little gifts from UK company “Nonesuch Things”, which are sure to add a little smile without breaking the bank. Here are some of my favourites. Also some perfect valentines gifts for something a little different…..

The Kissing Kids work using simple magnets which pul them together for a little quick smooch….

Or the Dancing Ballerina who works on a similar magnetic principle to the kissing kids….

I also love the concept of these postcards which allow you to stitch a personal travel path. For example you could send them to a loved one to highlight all the places you have been together, where you met or where you honeymooned, or give them to a friend who is about to embark on travels or keep your mum up to date on your travels… Ok they take a little more effort but lets face it they are a lot more precious than an email!



Let me know what you think, meanwhile on with the colourful adventure…..

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