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Reclaimed Typography – Coulson Macleod


Typography on Limestone

For those who love to give the gift of words, then you may like to sample a little of the lighthearted and whitty work of UK based Mark Coulson and his team of local artisans. With a strong emphasis on using reclaimed materials such as wood, metal, stone, fabric and recycled papers, they design pictures which incorporate a play with words which is fun and quirky.  For those who prefer pictures you are not forgotten either. Even the inks are “green”!


Mark and Hannah

Mark has a background as a graphic designer….and by all accounts from his business partner the “marketing guru” Hannah McLeod he is a pretty good tea maker…. (My kind of business partner!!!). The business has a strong emphasis on it’s relationships with local craftsmen and women, who help to make the bespoke frames that the works are presented in…. And with all of this local craft involved they still come with a very reasonable price tag!

Here are some more examples of their work, what words would you choose??



Work commissioned by Jamie Oliver, they also offer bespoke services for something a little more personal to you… or your little Jamie!

For those of you still struggling to find the perfect valentines gift, although… don’t have to use Valentines day as an excuse to say I love you! How about  these….




And for those of you struggling to find the romantic bones within you… about you search for it here…


And for anyone struggling to find me a gift…. well I kinda like these reclaimed wooden prints….. well a picture says a thousand words!!



On with the colourful adventure…………….

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