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Reinventing the discarded – Elise Fouin’s CheMystery

Taking the, normally discarded, scientific “borosilicate” glassware created by students from the glassblowing department of the Lycée Dorian in Paris, Elise Fouin has reworked the glassware with the trusty blow torch to create something which moves from a science lab to delicate everyday home ware pieces, such as lamps or vases.

“Élise Fouin here breathes new life into objects slated for the scrap heap despite their great technical complexity. The artist’s intervention refines them, exploiting the transparency of the material to create vases and lamps, turning a test tube or vessel confined to a research laboratory into an everyday object.” 

I love the fact that they are a recreation of something that would otherwise be filling up the landfill, but yet they do not have that Typical “upcylcle” look.  Elise has a great website with all of her work which is so so diverse, well worth a few moments.  Let me know your thoughts, meanwhile on with the colourful journey…….

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