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Retro Nostalgia – Murray Hilton Photography


PARTY – Murray Hilton

One of my favourite restaurants in Sydney, for special occasions, has to be Sean’s Panaroma, over looking Sydney’s Bondi Beach… probably because it does great food without the pretension that can be found in some of the “celebrity chef restaurants”… basically it has character.  I also loved the fact that they support local artists by displaying some of their works….


Sean’s Panaroma Restaurant – Bondi

Recently as I flicked through an interior magazine I stumbled upon an article about the Bondi home of Photographer Murray Hilton, and hanging on his wall were some of the mixed media pictures that had caught my attention last time I was at Sean’s……..

The collection give a nostalgic trip down memory lane evoking memories of summers and family times in the 1960’s.  The collection is called Kodak Retina and is edited from Murray’s own family shots in his childhood town in Queensland.

‘KODAK RETINA  is a small suite of edited family photographs shot in different locations by my father Dr. Bill Hilton from 1963-69. A tribute to the endearing palette of 1960′s kodachrome & the unique childhood I enjoyed growing up in rural Queensland during this era. My motivation for this exhibition comes not from ego but from fond memories of freedom and youthful enthusiasm. As author & subject I have edited these images with care as I remember the moments to be.’




BOATS – Murray Hilton





Why do I like them….?  Well they just make me smile and do exactly what they say on the packet, evoke the memories of youthful enthusiasm!!  On with the colourful adventure………

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