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Road maps to Porcelain – Mel Robson

Mel Robson: M Rob Sec

Brisbane based ceramic artist  Mel Robson has exhibited extensively both in Australia and overseas.

“I make functional and non-functional objects out of porcelain. I’m obsessed by road maps, recipes, sewing patterns and handwriting. Really obsessed.”

…that obsession can be seen through her work which contains reference to these inspirations.  I love the wafer thin aspect of the work allowing you to see the pattern all the way through.

Mel creates works in slipcast porcelain and has more recently started using a water jet cutting technique on found ceramic plates to generate iconic imagery of war and objects from the domestic sphere ( such as cutlery). Robson tries to connect past and present through her use of materials, evoking a little nostalgia…. let me know what you think.

Slip Cast Porcelain

“I find it fascinating as I zoom in and cut and paste and fiddle with the scans of their recipe books, letters and poems on my computer, noticing the little nuances each of them has, the way they underline a word (curly, straight, wispy, defined) the frequent use of exclamation marks, or lack of, the little messages and notes to would-be readers (“enjoy!!”) and the slants, curls and whirls of each woman’s hand. I am always left with a strange (and lovely) sense of having spent time with them.”

Keep Calm and Carry On

Her series Keep Calm and Carry On recalls the stories passed down to her from the women in her family who experienced war time. Incorporating the skill of water jet cutting the pieces addressed her interpretation of what it must have been like for them while they went on with their daily lives while the men were off at war. Also showing a little of her Australian influence.

The Absence of Objects

The Absence of Objects installation was inspired by the heritage collections that Mel found in libraries. So many stories that have been forgotten are saved in these vaults. Mel calls them “little doorways into the past”. Individually, they have their own little presence but together they become very powerful.

Which is your favourite?…… On with the colourful journey……

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