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Rock Hard Interiors – Concrete with Style

Concrete Mixer VI - Dina Haddadin

When you think concrete you would not generally think about a fine interior product, it is historically a medium which is used in large construction and exterior projects.  However it appears that architects, architects and designers are using concrete in a way which celebrates a different aspect of the highly sustainable material.  Rather than just being the strength behind a structure or surface, concrete is more and more becoming part of the art and design in it’s own right.  Designers architects and artists are embracing it’s versatility.

Tove Adman

Swedish designer Tove Adman began her career as an artist. She began as a sculptor, with many of her pieces resembling objects that you would find in the home, this led to a natural progression from concrete sculptor to concrete home ware designer.  Whilst the products are made in Sweden it is possible to purchase here in Australia through Nordic Fusion.  Below is a small snippet of Tove Adman’s range.

Concrete candelabra’s to concrete based stools….

… The “Edison Lamp”, concrete clock and book stands.

Francesco Passaniti

French painter, designer and sculptor Francesco Passaniti,  makes just about everything out of concrete. When many of us think of concrete we think of a heavy, cold and relatively soulless medium.  Francesco avenges to wage a war on this perception, by striving to abolish the many misconceptions about concrete. As you can see below he has taken the grey and added a palette which instantly warms up the cold persona.

Dina Haddadin

Dina Haddadin is an architect and a growing self-taught visual artist, living and working in Jordan. Her paintings below (and at the very top) use combinations of common raw materials of everyday life, such as unrefined cement, chalk, concrete and coffee. You can find more about her philosophy on her website.

"Hero I" - Concrete, Coffee and chalk on wood

Concrete Mixer II - Concrete, coffee and chalk on wood

It is still hard to get away from the industrial aspect of the concrete no matter how it is moulded, but if the industrial look is what you are looking to achieve then why not embrace the heart of it with a little bit of “grey matter”.

On with the colourful journey………..

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