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Sari Style – The Upcycle Way

ELTE booth IDS 2012

The season of interior trade fairs has hit Sydney with a vengeance, and ever eager that my achy feet will find a couple of gems upon my travels between the cushions and the curtains, this year I stumbled upon the ultimate in upcycling.  To be honest I hate the idea of waste and love it when something is repurposed, but it isn’t very often the word upcycle and beauty fall into the same sentence.  That is until I saw these fab rugs which have been made from recycled sari silks, often producing really interesting and colourful results.


source – artforhousewives

The rugs, which are made by artisans in India, are created from recycled sari silk.  The saris are unravelled by hand and then reborn as they are woven into new, colourful and interesting patterns.  The hand made quality makes each one unique….. they are also incredibly soft so if you can bear to have them on the floor ( as opposed to the wall) they would make a very cosy spot to cuddle up with a book and a cuppa……


Sari Rug Industrial Lighting

elte sari rug pink


images sari

elte new sari rugs

Enjoy the colour… meanwhile on with the colourful adventure…………

(source for pictures –  ABC carpets and home collection, Elte, artforhousewives, thecuratedhouse)

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