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Scientific Style

Think back to the days of high wooden benches, bunsen burners, test tubes, anatomical charts and petra dishes…. for those looking for a little vintage style… going back to school and experimenting in the science lab may just be the way to add a little vintage charm…. hopefully without the smell of sulphur and the boys at the back of the lab trying to set fire to some poor girls ponytail on the Bunsen Burner.

Here are some ideas for the scrap book.

A is for Anatomy

A simple way to add a little nostalgia is with the anatomy or periodic table charts and variations thereof.


Image source –

If you cannot find the originals then a really cheap trick is to use wrapping paper which you can purchase from museums or online stores for a few dollars, such as this “Anatomy Wrap” below from UK company Willow and Stone for a bargain three pounds!

… or an anatomical tea set by Lisa Turner for The New English….

C is for Chemistry

You can get creative with the glass jars and test tubes… making them into vases or drinking vessels (just make sure they are clean of chemicals before you fill them with freshly squeezed orange juice though!).

Images sourced from Frenchie and Flea (above) and Etsy (below)

Or think completely outside the block with this test tube chandelier by Pani Jurek on Etsy….

And if you do need to fill your home with an adorable scent… then you can always invest in Page Thirty Three’s Essential Oil burner…

L is for Lab

And for those who like the full look here are a few Lab inspired interiors for the mood board……

Source – decorology

Using old science benches, stools and shelving to create a functional hard waring creative office space, or just taking the old school shelving to create the science masters office look below….. I love the rolls of brown paper to use as a table protector or renewable scribble pad!

Or indulge in the naturalist, with specimen jars and pictures…..(below…source and Sibella Court “Etc”)

Enjoy experimenting……which is your favourite?

On with the colourful journey………….

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