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Sheeping it up – Quirky winter woollies for the home

Photograph by Stephen Lewis for UGG Australia photoshoot (source

For those of us in the Southern hemisphere, the Autumn months are upon us and will soon be followed by the winter….. there is a depressing thought.  But never fear, winter woolies are not just for us to adorn, we can also warm up our interiors with some pretty cosy knitted accessories (sheep not included). Time to grab some knitting needles and get Grandma to  teach you how to knit one pearl one, to make your winter a little warmer!

But if knitting is not your thing then here are some who have done the hard yards for you.

Melanie Porter

After 10 years working as a knitwear designer for a number of international fashion brands, in 2008 Melanie Porter turned her expertise to furniture, creating one-off contemporary designs from antiques sourced at auctions and markets across the UK.  The ultimate in knitted upcycling!

Melanie undertakes the entire process herself.  Everything, from the restoration and upholstering to the individual, crocheted buttons, is done by hand.


Pudelskern are an Austrian based company made up of a team with backgrounds in architecture, design and cabinet making.   They are very scientific in their approach with part of their studio dedicated to a material experimentation lab ensuring that their designs are fully tested.

The Granny Light

Using sustainable materials and hand craft skills they aim to try and tell a story with all that they create. the granny light comes with this little story.

“Granny is knitting while she listens to your troubles, your newest adventures and heartbreaking stories. Granny gives you a hot chocolate to warm up from cold winter weather. Granny reads out a fairy tale to the children. Granny is a reminiscence of childhood.”

Below “feeler light” and “Fat sheep rug” 

 Crafted Systems – Aurelie Tu

Crafted Systems are a US based company who specialise in products made from 100% wool felt.  The products are unique and modern in style.  Their aim is to invigorate handcraft in the context of today’s society. Instead of using highly skilled artisans, they partner with the YWCA women’s shelter to create their products, helping the women to develop skills which in turn helps their transition by economically enabling and empowering them, and giving them collective purpose and creative outlet.  What a great initiative!!!!

Claire-Anne O’Brian

Irish born, UK based textile designer Claire-Anne O’Brian plays with technique and scale to create playful modern and tactile fabrics for interiors. I really like the chunky designs, they certainly look very comfy too.

I also love her quirky jumper chair cover, perfect for double use.  You can wrap up outside and then use to cover the uncomfortable chair when you reach the inside. (“Chairwear” – below).  Finally and excuse for leaving clothes on the furniture!

Christien Meindertsma

And last…. but not least to add a little ball of colour to your room how about the Urchin Pouf  or  cozy up on the Aran Rug by Christien Meindertsma. The perfect place to perch or rest those weary Ugg Boots!…

Naomi Paul

UK based textiles designer Naomi Paul creates some truly unique textiles for interior products and spaces. they are very clean and modern in their style yet are created using crochet and knitting methods of yesteryear.

So no excuses for not being cosy this winter…… on with the colourful journey.

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