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Simply Ceramic – Angus and Celeste

100% Australian made, Angus & Celeste are a design partnership of Keir Angus MacDonald and Asha Celeste Cato. The duo met while studying Fine Arts in Melbourne Australia, where they are still based. Their partnership  combines their backgrounds in ceramics, printmaking and sculpture.

Production began in a tiny laundry out the back of single fronted terrace in Melbourne, but they have now since relocated to the lush Dandenong Ranges in hilly outer Melbourne.  Their passion for the area which is fragile and open to the threats of Australia’s harsh weather conditions is also very much part of their ethos with $1 of every sale through the website going to the organisation “Fifteen Trees”.

They produce some beautiful ceramic homewares, jewellery and garden ware incorporating bright vivid colours, graphics, illustration and photographic elements that are inspired by the natural world that they are surrounded by.


The first piece that caught my eye were these stunning bangles so it is only fitting that I start here… what is your favourite???

 From Bangle to a message in a bottle…..

To droplet necklaces and rings… all so very delicate.


Angus and Celeste also do a range of homewares with a range of vases, bottles and tiles, which are functional but also look great as a statement on their own. These are glazed and then decorated with a series of their original hand drawn and photographic images.

Botanic Bottles…..

….Petit vases and Handle Bottles…

Hanging Garden

And finally for those with a green finger or ten there is the Hanging Garden which is perfect for balconies, inside or the great back yard.  Or for those who are a little bit botanically challenged it will equally serve well as a hanging fruit bowl!!

 On with the colourful journey……………………..

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