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Sleeping in a Cow Shed – Chiswick Style (And a Very Special Meeting)

Hotels can be pretty boring places with regimented furniture and no real charm and character.  This would not be the case for my favourite little hotel in London, being “High Road House”  in Chiswick, which is part of the rapidly expanding Soho House Group.

 Built on the site of the historic Fouberts Hotel in Chiswick, West London, High Road House opened in July 2006. It sits above the High Road Brasserie (which is integrated), and a “Cowshed Shop” which sells all sorts of great pamper and bath time goodies which have fab quirky little names like “Mucky Cow” for the cleanser or “grumpy cow” for their uplifting shower gel (well the names appeal to my sense of humour anyway!).

Grumpy Cow Uplifting Bath & Shower Gel

 The rooms themselves are full of plenty of Cow Shed Goodies for you to try…and a couple to keep. As you can see below the drawer of complimentary goodies does not miss any eventuality whether you forgot your toothbrush or need to plug up your ears!! But enough about the added extras!!!

Unlike most hotels they have added charm and quirkiness to each of the rooms, which evoke a country feel, making you feel like you are a long way from the city.  This hotel, as with many in the Soho Group was designed by Ilse Crawford, whose design philosophy is simple taking into account an individuals experience! She has also been named as one of Britons most influential women which is pretty amazing!

“Crawford believes design can influence the way we behave and feel. By addressing changing times and values, as well as the things that don’t change, design can shape the way we live and work. This approach is applied at all scales, from products to buildings, private to public space and is one she is developing with the next generation of designers through her work as Head of Department at the leading Design Academy Eindhoven”

Whilst High Road House is a members club, the rooms and amenities are available to non members, it is just that you get slightly better rates if you are a member. There are 14 rooms in all “Tiny” (well at least they are honest), “Small” and the more grand “Playrooms”. They are all decorated in a crisp white with a tiny pop of colour from the bed throws and chairs.

The rooms themselves have thought of everything from hairdryers to hot water bottles, kettles and a choice of good quality teas (now you see why I like it!!), together with little retro touches like the radio and alarm clock below.

Alongside the country feel fixtures and fittings…..

When you have come back from that long day of shopping  I mean sightseeing then you can chill out in the members bar with a glass of white wine.  With free wifi it was my intention to blog on the spot, but I think the wine and jet lag got the better of me!!

The Brasserie itself is very Parisian Cafe style with the most amazing Emery et Cie Tiles… just love them!

But the best part of the memory of being at the High Road House this time was to meet a very serial person…. my new little nephew Olli…. so I will share with you the first photo of that moment (unfortunately the poor child did get my chin, but he carries it very well!!)

On with the colourful journey……………………

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