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Star spotting with a difference…..Glamping it up

Star Gazing – By Charlotte Bird

“Twinkle Twinkle Little Star How I wonder where you are”…. As a child never was there a greater adventure than pulling out a tent and sleeping under the stars in the back yard.  Sticking a torch under your chin and telling ghost stories till you were too scared to sleep.  Convinced that the neighbours cats fighting is a wild beast akin to something from the book “Where the Wild Things Are” about to come and eat you and your midnight snacks, sending you scuttling back indoors…..but you were a brave adventurer for at least a couple of hours!!!

 Well it would seem that this childhood adventure doesn’t just stop in the back yard, and I am not talking about a simple tent in a designated park, or a caravan by the sea. I am talking about the new wave of five star outdoor luxury hotel “spaces” under the stars….. But be warned… to be a brave adventurer once again these do not come with a bargain price tag, but hey there is nothing wrong with a bit of blog daydreaming!!!!

Blue Mountains Private Safari’s

Starting closer to home “Blue Mountains Private Safaris provides an exclusive wilderness experience on Sydney’s doorstep. With access to a unique private campsite, your specialist safari guide knows the secret spots to find the wildlife and to explore the gorges and escarpments of the southern Blue Mountains. Sleep out in ‘Wild Bush Luxury’ in a traditional Australian swag but with a touch of style to add to your bush experience.”

Just like a five star hotel there is a choice of pillow and hot water, albeit in the bucket shower!  With the main focus of the hotel being on living with the wildlife, that is exactly what you get, forget an early morning alarm call, you get a dawn chorus from the kookaburras, or a kangaroo that has come down to the river bank to drink in the evening.  Ghost stories around the camp fire are an optional extra!!!


Next Star Spotting point is perhaps not so obvious, this is a little James Bond…. you see it looks like your average Italian Villa ( well perhaps not so average!! but you know what I mean!), but as with Mr Bond looks can be deceptive….

L’Albereta in Erbusco, Lombardy, Italy, is Industrialist Vittorio Moretti family’s Relais & Châteaux hotel in the hills of Franciacorta.  The hotel has the Cabriolet Suite, which is situate in the tower facing Lake Iseo, as well as being surrounded by vineyards your “midnight feast”is prepared by the great Milanese chef Gualtiero Marchesi. (What about the vegemite sandwiches?) ……….. All great I hear you say,  but where are the stars????   Well fear not,,,,,,Press a button and the roof above the bed opens to the heavens. During the annual Perseid meteor shower (known here as the tears of San Lorenzo), the suite is particularly sought after: Legend has it that for every falling star, a wish will be granted. But the sky is beautiful anytime, and the nights can be full of the perfume of wild roses, jasmine, and gardenias…. I think if I made it for a night here my wish would have already been granted!!!

Kenya – Loisaba Wilderness Resort

Bag to the real rugged outdoors are “Koija” Star Beds and are part of an exciting new joint venture project that Loisaba has undertaken in partnership with the Laikipiak Maasai people from the Koija community.

 Each Star Bed is handcrafted with awooden raised platform, and partially covered with a thatched roof. Homemade “Mukokoteni” (uniquely designed bed on wheels), can either be wheeled onto the open deck area for a night under the stars, or left under the shelter of the roof.The Star Beds are normally reached by one of many options; on foot, horse, camel or vehicle. There you go you do not get that at the Holiday Inn

Lion Sands Resorts

A unique treehouse was built at the original site where Guy Aubrey Chalkley had climbed into the trees and set up camp to escape from predators roaming the plains below. The treehouse is a secure bush bedroom under the African stars, with all the comforts that a guest can experience at a five star safari lodge.

Guests are taken to the treehouse at sunset, where drinks and a delicious picnic dinner await them. They then enjoy the hours of African dusk relaxing and absorbing the beauty and sounds of the bushveld as it transforms from day to night, before turning in for slumber beneath the stars. As dawn breaks, guests are collected by their ranger for a morning game drive, followed by a delicious bush breakfast at one of the many animal and bird hides.

Star gazing for grown ups… getting the look….

Well for those of us who would like a little it of this at home….or in the Bush, here are a few romantic….although not necessarily practical ideas.  For those afraid of the bugs and the elements you may need to stick to the good old purpose made canvas…. Perhaps these ideas are more for a themed luncheon or afternoon tea…. but hey they look good (source apartment


A good use for those old sheets, just make sure those candles are citronella!!!….


I am not sure how the electric supply runs through to the lamp, and just make sure you do not roll off the edge in your sleep!!! ( health and safety may be an issue here – you may need a life saver vest!)


If the bugs are all a little too much…. then why not bring the stars inside…..


Sweet Dreams…..on with the colourful journey………..

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