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Stumble Upon – Luschia Porter


With a very wet day in Sydney I decided to do a little indoor surfing.  Occasionally there is a little something that takes my eye, and today it was the work of a Sydney design / illustrator student called Luschia Porter, and her little resin flower pots… which together with the whimsical name of her website “fairy floss for brains” – (Don’t ask me how I landed on this through the power of google!) meant I had to stop and investigate.

The Inspiration

Inspired by the  work of Phil Cuttance, Luschia has used the resin vases as inspiration to create similar vases which have evolved into her little “cup” like vases in great colours.  Perfect for livening up the wall of a balcony or a small courtyard with a couple of herbs or succulents….

Phil Cuttance Resin moulded Vases

Phil Cuttance Resin moulded Vases

The work in progress




The Finished Article




Let me know what you think… meanwhile on with the colourful journey………..

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