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Surface Paradise – Taking the feature from your walls to the floor

So much of the attention for interiors has been focused around the feature wall, which can be a simple change in colour or texture in paint, a flamboyant print of wall paper or in deed tiles to mention but a few ideas.  Flooring tends to take a little bit of a back seat, we tend to go for a plain tile, wooden floor boards or a plain carpet.

This seems a little bit of a shame when there are so many products on the market which mean that you can turn the feature of your house or business to the floor. So be brave and take the feature from your wall to the floor.

Bas-Relief Pattern

Italian by adoption, Architect Patricia Urquoila has designed the Dechirer tile range.  They are a more interesting step up from the concrete floor trend, whilst they still have a concrete feel, they have a delicate bas relief pattern which is pressed into the porcelain tile.

Dechirer Porcelain Tile- By Patricia Urquoila

Urquoila was “fascinated by the idea of creating an industrial product in which traces of the layers of history are present”.  Thus giving the tile a little bit more personality that your bog standard plain machine formed porcelain tile. The bas-reliefs in the tiles give a different height and dimension to the tile “which are not so much decorations as the remains of torn away memories.”

On a practical side these tiles may look delicate but they are made to commercial quality so are hard wearing and suited to high traffic areas.

Thick as a Plank

Faux wooden plank tiles

Look closely, you would be forgiven for thinking that this is a diversion from tiles to wooden flooring, but in fact this is a faux wooden plank flooring tile.  They come in all forms of wood effects from drift wood to mahogany, or you can go for something which is a little bit more funky such as Uonuon porcelain tiles which have a bit of umph (almost the comic book caricature style of the wooden plank).

Uonuon Porcelain Tile - Adding a little pop art to your floor

 On a practical level they are perhaps a little easier to maintain than traditional wooden floor.  No dents from high heals, no need to sand and re – polish.  You could even look to placing them outside as a faux deck.  You can also use them in bathrooms as they would be resistant to warping and damage that would traditionally prevent you from placing wooden flooring in the bathroom.

Safari Feel

Horn Dark porcelain tile

For a little more sophistication there are the cruelty free faux animal print and horn style tiles.  They give a  luxurious look which helps to warm up a room and are a more sophisticated alternative to wooden floors. They also come in different tones of colour meaning you can mix them up a bit.

Mix and Match of the Horn Style Tiles

They would look stunning in most areas of the house, a luxurious bathroom, a stunning hallway or a lounge room.

Spice it up – Antique style

Jatana tiles specialises in antique and reproduction tiles which can be used to add a bit of interest to a room or area of your house or business. They are drawn from travel inspirations from around the world The patterns of these tiles are actually inlaid into the body of the tile.  This means that the patterns remain fixed as opposed to tiles where the pattern is placed onto the service.  This gives them a longevity and as such something for you to think about when choosing the type of tile to be placed on the floor.

The colourful journey goes on………

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