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Surreally Upcycled – Chris Ruhe

Chris Ruhe trained as a furniture maker in Amsterdam and opened his atelier in 2005, where he now makes furniture to order….  From spring inspired stools and pickle jar lighting to bespoke recycled door cabinets and fully bespoke kitchens….

A little bit of fun in a sometimes too serious world………Let me know your thoughts….

Cupboards and Shelves

The combination of crooked doors and virtually no (functional) handles makes the kitchen and the cupboards appear to be a little bit of an optical illusion.  Doors seemingly curve around a corner, in some cases glass and all.


The Kitchen cupboards create a talking point, handles in odd places, a refrigerator and dishwasher in places where you least expect it. Every corner of the kitchen is used optimally. To the eye it may appear a little like it might need careful handling to open the doors, but the modern mechanical systems mean it is no different in functionality to any other modern day bespoke kitchen….. which is the little extra surprise I sense that Ruhe has purposefully included.

And for those who would like something a little smaller….. perhaps the spring inspired handmade stool or the pickling jar lighting might appeal….

The Sahara stool is made out of a series of wooden rings that “spring” while you sit on them.  It is supposedly good for the back. The stool is made out of solid European wood and the seat can be covered with leather a comes in various heights.

So if you are wondering what to do with those old doors and pickling jars…. here is some inspiration…. on with the colourful journey….

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