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Sweet Surprise

When I woke yesterday morning a little message awaited me that I had been nominated for an award. How excitement!!!!.  It is pretty cool when you realise that, what you thought was just you rambling on, is enjoyed by others too!

The lovely nominator was apartmentsilike, thank you so much for your kind nomination, and incidentally your blog is “beautiful” too.

Well before I sound like I am giving a bad Oscars speech I had best move on the the important bit, following the rules:

“The rules of the award acceptance are to thank the presenter and link their blog, and to nominate and link other blogs that you truly enjoy, re-blog because you just think they’re so awesome and wish you thought of the post sooner, or just genuinely enjoy getting lost in the beauty of the blog they present. Send your nominees a message with a link to your nomination post to let them know how much you appreciate them.”

So here goes…. the winners are…… drum roll

This Sydney Life – for keeping me fully up to date on the city I love and finding those little gems to tell us about.

Fun and Fabulous – for those perfect one liners in the form of a beautiful photo

 Hovercraftdoggy – Again amazing photo’s.

Ingenious Look – for their great little (and not so little ideas)

The Design Tabloid – If only you were based in Sydney! Love the Decor Diva

Wai-Yuk Kennedy for her really beautiful talent – oh and some really amazing chinese recipes

 And last but not least Every Day Sparks – who has a quirky edge to make you smile.

I could go on…. seriously this was hard to single out.  Thanks to all who come visit this little birdcage every now and again, and I hope to see you here again soon.

On with the colourful journey…………………..

#design #Upcycle #colourconsulting #architecture #BirdcageDesign #InteriorDesign

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