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Tarting up with Tartan

When I think of tartan I go in two directions, one being the Queen and her Corgies, dipping shortbread into her cuppa in Balmoral, and the other being the punk era of the late 70″s early 80’s, which is still a very strong influence in Vivienne Westwood’s statement wallpaper below (now I am probably showing may age!!!)

Well officially…… National Tartan day was on the 6th of April, but as ever I was late on the up take!!  So I will follow the New Yorkers who have made today (April 14th) their National day to honour the Tartan, with the National Tartan Day New York Committee hosting the largest Scottish outdoor event and parade on 6th Avenue Manhattan.

As with any interior statement you can take the Haggis to the extreme and go all out tartan, or you can make a little statement with a cushion or throw.  Whether it be to invoke the Scottish warmth as the southern hemisphere moves towards winter, or to laze on a tartan rug while you take in a picnic at your favourite spot as summer approaches those in the northern parts of the globe, it would be rude not to grab a little plaid or play with some tartan!!!

Here are some of my favourite things:

All out Tartan……..

Queen of punk Vivienne Westwood brings punk into the current with her range of wallpapers, for those who want to take tartan to the extreme then this is the perfect statement. From the modern Trompe L‘Oeil Drape wallpaper has been designed by Vivienne Westwood for Cole & Son. The wallpaper features her trademark tartan with the trompe ‘oeil effect making it look like folded fabric.

Vivienne Westwood wallpaper

Or for those who prefer the more traditional plaid style.

(I love the cheeky corset style chair cover too)

Tartan up your furniture…..

Bring some of the celtic countryside into your front room, although the fox is not included this comfy chair, is perfect to snuggle up with your nanna blanket and a good book (and even a glass of whisky or two, well you have to get into the tartan spirit – excuse the pun)

Lunet Chair, Plaid by Anthropologie

Lunet Chair, Plaid by Anthropologie


For those who are not quite ready to go all out and throw the Caber, then celebrate with a few smaller tartan touches….. Tain Pottery in Scotland produces beautiful hand painted plates and dinner wear, hand painted in the highlands you cannot get more authentic than that.

Or snuggle up under a blanket… or get on your bike and have a summer picnic.

…and don’t forget to take these adorable cushions by Totally Tartan, which in subtle plaid patterns hold symbols of all things Scottish, from the Scottie dogs (top) to the dragons and cross of St Andrews.  They make you want to have a National Tartan day every day!

 Happy belated National Tartan day……. on with the colourful journey…………………………

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