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Textile Taxidermy – Donya Coward

Nottingham based textile artist Donya Coward’s creations bring a little whimsy and sparkle with them.  With projects for UK anthropology, Fenton & Fenton and Paul Smith to name but a few, it is no wonder that designers have coined her work as “textile taxidermy at it’s very best” (Abigail Ahern).

All of Donya’s artworks are made using Victorian, Antique, Vintage Nottingham and French laces, embroideries, embellishments, fabrics and haberdashery. There is an emphasis on ensuring that the work preserves and showcases the materials used, as much as the animal forms that are being created.  Even the materials used are kept untouched to keep the stories from the rusty pin which once held it together, or the repairs and marks that have happened through it’s journey.

 All works are hand embroidered by Donya on a commission basis, creating one off bespoke pieces. I love the detail of these pieces, and I am falling for the cute little bull dog on the William Morris backed frame….. Let me know what you think…

Meanwhile on with the colourful journey…….

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