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The Henry Ford of Upcycle – Are You Ready To Be Bespunked!!!!

A recent visit to DesignEx 2012 in Sydney found me attracted towards and interesting new concept in the world of up cycling.  Bespunk, is a clever initiative from Alexander Lotersztain and his cross-disciplinary design brand Derlot.

Bespunk has developed a special finish that transforms and breaths new life into found objects and old furniture, whether it be wood, metal or leather.  They claim that the results are unique, bespoke and create limited edition items. The finish can be applied to almost any surface, ranging garden furniture to a lamps, creating a new alternative to recycling. However just like Henry Ford with the launch of his motor car, you can have any colour your want so long as it black. But it is a shimmering black.

The finish is waterproof, tear proof and can be applied to pretty much any surface.  Sounds almost superhero.  So who you gonna call to Bespunk your “trash to flash”???….. Dr Spunk of course…..

Dr Spunk

The man behind this new concept is called Mr Spunk…. his bio sounds a little like Jeremy Clarkson when he is introducing the Stig on Top Gear.

“Some say he is a mad scientist, some a recycling superhero, others just call him Dr.Spunk. Creating bespoke finishes with his signature trademark being black. He searches the streets and seconds stores in the lookout for forgotten relics, mutating them into contemporary and unique objects.”

One point of fact is that Dr Spunk will only accept trash, he will not apply the treatment to new objects….

Some furniture being Bespunked…. the model is not included boys!!!

Below are some examples of the results…… ( image sourced from and Andrea Higgins)

From old figurines to old boots… nothing is out of reach from Dr Spunk!!

 On with the colourful journey……………..well as long as it is Black!!!

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