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The Journey of a Chunky Knit – Dana Barnes

Now bare with me here as my opening is designed to make a point…. How many of us when we are lucky enough to go to a fancy restaurant gulp at the cost of a dessert?…Well it is just a piece of sponge and chocolate and some ice-cream isn’t it?…..

Perhaps not until I started to watch amateur cooks battle it out on TV shows like MasterChef to make a Michelin Star dessert, did I understand the level of expertise that goes in to making the perfect textured ice-cream, tempering the chocolate so that the perfect “snap” can be heard, or refining that sponge to a lightness that the Country Women’s Association would be beating your door down for the recipe……

So where am I leading here?…. well one of the things that I love about New York textile designer Dana Barnes’ work (apart from the finished articles themselves) is that she ensures, through her website, that you understand the human effort and energy that it takes to create them.  From the seed of the design, to the collection and preparation of the material, making you understand that the finished article is not the “all” but it is the effort and thought that has gone into it to begin with….. Dana’s website is well worth a visit….. My favourite part is the way that she comes up with the ideas…. her visual diary so to speak….

The Inspiration

The Process

The Finished Article

Dana Barnes Studio creates textural works and sculptural objects with a focus on experimental textile development in combination with wood, metal, stone and verdurous elements.

The best thing though with Dana’s work though is that, just like that chocolate dessert, you want to dive right in! Here are a few more of her fun tactile pieces for you to snuggle up to.

Let me know what you think…. meanwhile on with the colourful journey………

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