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Timber Carnival – Bonnie and Neil

With summer just around the corner here in the southern hemisphere, it is the perfect time to add a little bit of fun and colour into your home.  Melbourne based duo Bonnie Ashley and Neil Downie, creators of the interior product company bonnie and neil have launched their summer 2012 collection which is full of colour and fun and is the perfect way to inspire a little change to your home.

Catagorising themselves as “compulsive hoarders” of vintage fabrics and timber, Bonnie and Neil combine their skills in textile and design and furniture design to create their ecological eclectic collection.  No matter what your taste I think there is a little something for everyone.  Here is a little peak at their summer 2012 collection.

Timber tiles in various block colour styles are perfect to add a little colour, or even cover a whole wall or floor should you choose.  The tiles were created as an alternative to wallpaper.

For those of you who love to bring the outdoors in the duo have also created these wall mounted botanical print vase holders (complete with vase) which can be placed on their own or in a group to create an effect.  Perfect for holding some freshly picked herbs in the kitchen, or bringing some of the spring and summer blooms into the house. I love the fact that they allow you to have a little creativity in how you choose to display them.

For those of you looking for an alternative storage or shelving solution then you might like these “shadow boxes” or the “cubes” which come in a botanical or current trend geometric design.  So simple yet really cute.

For those of you who can never have too many cushions then the fun prints (which go well with the tiles) cannot be ignored.

Let me know what you think…. mean while on with the colourful journey………….

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