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Trends for 2012 – The year of up-cycle and natural innovation

For a bit of fun late in 2011, I put together a summary of the key interior and colour trends that my “perhaps” over charged crystal wine glass…erm sorry…. I mean crystal ball… perceived might be the key trends for 2012. I have named it “The Year of Up Cycle and Natural Innovation”. It would be great to know your comments and thoughts of the things that you see will be big trends for 2012 so feel free to add comment.


Natural Green Interior with Sustainable Design

With the current global focus concentrating on sustainability, corporate and individual responsibility tied together with the current global financial climate, the trends will remain focused on natural fibres, colours and textures.

People, and companies responding to the requirements of the people will continue to build on using more sustainable natural materials.

People are also seeking that individuality in the items that they buy for their homes.  Where furniture and materials are made from more natural sources they naturally have a uniqueness through their natural “flaws”.

Past Times

1950's Style Interiors

Opulence of the Roaring 1920's coming through in fashion

When the economic outlook is bleak we tend to find ourselves looking to our comforts.  Whether this be our family, past era’s that evoked a symbolism or perception of opulence, family and happiness.  We look to objects, colours, fabrics which envelop these comforts and desires.  For example the 1950’s was percieved to be a homely era with the commencement of advertising and consumable products.  With the influence of programs such as “Mad Men” and a focus on the homely cooks of the modern era, trends are moving to pick up influences from this era. We also start to see a move towards the decadence and opulence of the roaring twenties in fashion trends, and the influences of cottage industry crafts of the family centred Nomadic cultures.

Nomadic Rugs


Cricket Bat Lamp

The trend for taking the old and making it into something new will continue as it encompasses our desire for sustainability and historical comfort.

“Patches of old tales retold in new stories”

Cadry's Vintage Patchwork Rug

Pop of Colour

Lift with a POP of colour

That is not to say that 2012 will ignore colour.  The block colour trend currently in our fashion houses will still be there but for the home it will be toned down to one or two small items which lift the natural and neutral tones that will continue to dominate.  An orange lamp, a red chair, an yellow coffee table or pink hat stand!

Bridging nature and technology

Encompassing many of the trends above will be the understanding that nature is our teacher. The study of how nature works and functions is likely to hold the key to how we can live sustainably in the future.  One study shows how this has been applied to the future of colour.  When you look at an insect through a microscope you see incredible coloured microstructures. There is much excitement about how these principles can be utilized to colour clothing, makeup, buildings, paint colours.  The argument being that by being “bio-inspired”, and using natures refraction of colour and design, we can reduce energy consumption and industrial waste.  This is an era of what we can look to learn from nature.

The bridge between nature and technology

It will be fun to see where 2012 goes……!

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