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Tuesday Trend – Terrazzo

Source instagram

When it comes to trends coming back into fashion, Terrazzo possibly wins the award for longevity and persistence. Terrazzo has roots hailing back more than 8000 plus years to ancient Egyptian mosaics, and the Venetians who used Terazzo as a cheaper alternative to decking floors in expensive marble.

Over the last couple of years Terrazzo has made a big comeback and, although it is a finish which divides many in opinion, it looks like it has ingrained itself – albeit in a more modern form – to stick around for the next few years. A feature in many of the Art Deco buildings of Australia, many clients who have loathed it are now starting to re-embrace …… well they are now up with the current trend.

Historically Terrazzo would take smashed marble and set it in clay.  The modern day version is made of anything from marble, quartz, glass or granite set in concrete, or epoxy resin, making it a much more versatile product than its predecessor from 8000 plus years ago or the Art Deco or Moderne Style period…….and if decking the floors or stairs in Terrazzo is a little too much you can carry the trend with a small glimpse on coasters, napkins or more easily updated furniture, textiles and wallpaper …. just a little taste of the modern day Terrazzo trend below ….

(All images sourced from Pinterest)

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