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Two Turtle Doves – Rocking Around the Christmas Tree


The brief to my husband was that I would like a small, understated tree.  The plan was that he would be left in charge of choosing such tree and I would then be the creative mind behind it’s decorative direction.  So to save time we both headed to the Christmas warehouse and headed in our own directions.  Ladened with Baubles and lights I decided to see how my husband was performing his one simple task.

As I turned around the corner, in true Aussie Style he had found a “mate” ( no doubt given similar simple instructions by his better half), there they both were with grins like they had just caught the biggest Baramundi holding what could only be described as the biggest tree in the store…… all they needed was an Esky, a barbie and a couple of beers and they would have been set.

christmas tree

Oh well, only one thing for it, the bigger the tree the more decorations I needed to buy!! (But one bonus….. he could not moan when I did as it was completely his doing! – maybe I need to try that one with my wardrobe!)

Trees decorated, presents wrapped…..

…more presents wrapped….

A little bit of Britain hanging on the tree….

The toy I always waned but never got!!! (in miniature)

…When you turn them round they read “oh..oh…Oh”….

Stockings are filled…..

Yes ….21 days to go and I am almost done….this would be a first! Now off to find Three French Hens…. Hope you are feeling a little more Christmasy….

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