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Upcycle the Bicycle

Birdcycle by Methane Studios

As a kid I would spend hours cycling around the countryside of Cambridgeshire, then I found university and I fear the hills of Exeter meant that my bike would make it the four hour journey  from home tied to the back of the car….and at the end of term the four hour journey back (and yes may dad loves to tell that story, I am sure it even formed part of his wedding speech as father of the bride).  I had many an intention of beginning again when I got to Sydney and whilst it has graced a couple of circuits around Centennial Park, I fear it is gaining more antique status than mileage.  Every time I go with the intention to get out of the car and onto the saddle, that damn flat tyre just does not seem to fix itself!!!

So to reignite my passion for my two wheeled friend, I thought I would look at the ways in which the humble cycle, can become dare I say UpCycled!!


Benjamin Bullins is a New Orleans designer who loves to create new out of the old, his bathroom stand below could basically be the ultimate in “up cycle”, with the basket doubling up as the perfect towel rack.

Bathroom Design 01 Mixed Media

….or park it under the table perhaps…..

I also love the use of this bike in a Melbourne stationary store called Melbornalia.

 Or you could take some inspiration from Marin Camille and illuminate your room, with a be”spoke” (i know really bad pun) light fixture.

…..Go back to nature and make it into a planter for herbs or spring flowers…..

 Keep as a Cycle

For those who, prefer to keep the bicycle as god intended…… know for that exercise or transport purpose…..yet have limited space to store a bike, why not make it part of the art work. I suspect you would need to be pretty tall to reach the ones below, but at least you would get a little extra exercise up and down the ladder!

…or incorporate a dual purpose shelf to hold up your bike, such as this purpose built storage rack specifically for apartments.

….. and don’t be upset if you like the planter idea, one clever spark has come up with a special planter just for your cycle…. so you can have the best of both worlds, with the wearable planter… not sure this will be a winner in the Tour de France but you never know (available on!!!.

Sunshine Yellow Bike Planter

Accents of Le Bicycle

And for those who prefer the “concept” rather than the “actual”…..

Chase and Wonder is a UK company who have taken the cycling concept to a new height with their”he rides above it cushion” and matching print.

Ever wonder what to do with all of those inner tubes that burst from the overuse of your bikes??? Yes ok I have one burst inner tube which maybe I will get around to fixing one day, but the ingenious designers at the Foreign Accent Rug Store have won the 2011 Red Dot award for the initiative of recycling them into a rug which can be used inside or out….

Stuff the house….what about me…..

Australian company Polli have these very cute and very affordable necklaces in Penny Farthing and Tandem bike styles….

What ever you decide… just remember…….

On with the colourful journey….. just need to fix that puncture!!!

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