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War Against Gravity – Gordon Harrison Hull

Gordon Harrison Hull is no ordinary rug designer,  working with a mix of clients from ad campaigns, brand strategy, copywriting, art direction and even… as his biography states…. relationship advice! The quirkiness behind Hulls work is evident in his statement stating that a…

“Full Guru service is available.  Everything is totally possible” (this put a smile on my face!)

In a recent collaboration with Anthropologie, Hull was commissioned to design and exhibit a series of giant rugs, which he created using 14 different techniques and textures to create the installation “War Against Gravity”. In addition to the rugs, the installation included a rickshaw which was called “The Rick James” which used bits of mirror, rugs and aluminium pin wheels.

The one in a kind rugs themselves are available for sale through Anthropologie online.

Which rug would you create a war against gravity with? On with the colourful journey……..

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