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Well Read – Styling with literature


I love to have a “real book”, it is almost like a trophy that you can place on the bookshelf and display your literary conquests like trophies. Curling up with a “Kindle” does not quite have the same effect as curling up with a brand new book and leafing through the pages.  But as it seems many have moved to the paperless side, the humble book has started to take on a new persona.  Moving away from just being an object from which we loose ourselves inside, to one which is becoming more and more of an object that we are appreciating from the outside.

Rarely will you leaf through a magazine or interior styling book without seeing the classical book or three being part of the staple props used by stylists in their shoots…. showing the set to be more homely and personal.It is part of the trick that moves the room from decorated to styled.

Book companies, whether by accident or sheer cunning, are starting to cotton onto the fact that a well designed book cover has a little more appeal than it’s electronic rival. With Penguin reissuing it’s classics in their vintage clothbound style (above), and Random House’s Vintage 21 collection.  Random House have used a different colour for each title, the paperbacks have been designed with special bright hued covers and matching sprayed edges to ensure that each book forms a solid block of colour. Stacked together on a bookshelf, the collection forms an eye-popping rainbow of colour, likely to appeal to fans of literature and interior design alike.


Random House Vintage 21 collection - Source

An easy way, for those who are a little reluctant to go all out with wallpaper or a paint brush, to temporarily update their home and change it’s style. Or for those who are tied by the dictation of a rental agreement that forbids your permanent creativity…. why not pull out the books and get literal style.

Colour code your books


Create a flag

Ann Arbor Public Library Fairy House


Create displays and height

Match with your flowers

Make a DIY Headboard - source

Did you know……

Unfortunately, it is notoriously difficult to recycle vintage books.  Due to the low quality of the paper, as well as the binding adhesives, most old books simply find their way to the dump.  So on with the Up-cycle.

Old Book Smell

In Paris, hundreds of independent booksellers (bouquinistes) sell new, used and antique books, magazines and pictures under the open skies along the Seine. They have been doing so since the 1500s, and are now part of a UNESCO World Heritage site.

On with the colourful journey……………..

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