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Wish You Were Here – Picture Postcard Juliette Blaxland

Synonymous with a holiday is the dying art of postcard writing…. my brother (not much of a writer) told his whole trip backpacking to my worried mother through postcards, sending one from every location as a log of where he had been…. but to be honest I cannot honestly tell the last time I wrote a post card. With the intervention of text and email being so much faster to tell your stories, they seem to be a little bit of a dying art.

In my travels though I did stumble upon someone who has ‘Upcycled” the postcard if you like, to bring it into a new form.

Shingle Sunbathers

From her seaside studio, which is perched on the edge of an eroding cliff overlooking Southwold in Suffolk. Juliette Blaxland a registered architect admits to having a little “sideline in creative moonlighting”, usually involving photomontages with an element of humour, playing on the good old English postcard. They are such fun and just have that little element of tongue in cheek humour to put a little smile on your face…..

“Past photomontages have appeared regularly in architectural magazines and won a prize at the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition. I make all my photomontages using the old-fashioned scissors-and-paste method to avoid repetition or computer-aided laziness.”

Dog Picnic

Juliette’s aim is to offer a cheap art form to people who want something that is original but will not break the bank… you can purchase a real piece of art for relatively little. Top quality signed prints of all the photomontages and paintings are available as well as originals of the paintings.

“The collection offered here celebrates the jolly kitsch of the seaside or the atmospheric calm of the empty beach, depending on the mood of the day.”

Coordinated Campers

My favourite is the Mad Hutters…. how about you?

Mad Hutters

On with the colourful journey…………..

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