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Yarn Bombing – Knit a Bus and Purl a Tree

I may have had my head under a ball of wool for a while, but it seems that there is a new form of Graffiti on the streets called yarn bombing.  A little like the Guerrilla Gardeners, it is an aim to cheer up public places with a little knitting needle creativity…. I thought it would be a fun way to start a Monday morning with some colourful images from this creative and colourful movement.  Although I should caveat at this point, for those who wish to hit the streets armed with knitting needles and balls of yarn, according to the trusty Wikapedia, “it is still technically illegal, though it is not often prosecuted vigorously”….so you have been warned!!

If nothing else hope it bought a smile to your monday morning…… On with the colourful journey….

#art #design #Knitting #Colour #YarnBombing

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