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Emma Stergoulis



Born in the mid 70's in the UK to a very creative family, my father a carpenter/builder, my mother just creative in every way from cooking to painting, a grandfather who designed aircraft and a graphic designer brother and uncle, I was very rarely without a creative project on hand.

I however followed my left brain and studied Law at Exeter University in the UK before moving to London to work for a major accounting firm in the arena of international mobility and tax, this saw me obtain a secondment to Sydney in 2001( this knowledge still comes in useful with guiding people in terms of rental and overseas property ownership, depreciation and the such like!).  It is here I met my husband, made my home, had two character filled children and followed my passion in the creative world.  

I obtained my diploma in Colour Design in 2011 from the International School of Colour Design, where I received two "Awards for Excellence", followed by an Industry Award from "Murobond Paints" and was a Finalist in the 2012 "Dulux Colour Awards" in Melbourne.

Juggling my design career with the corporate world, i stepped away from the corporate ladder in 2018 to focus on building Emma Stergoulis Design and spend more time with my young family.  



I am often asked what is my style, the honest answer is I could never be pigeon holed into one, and that I how I see my clients.  For me it is about getting to know the client and understanding them.  What do they need the space to be? how it is going to work for them or those using it


It is about understanding the clients past, working with their present and considering how the designs will carry them through to the future.  Everyone is different, and each job should be treated as such.  Whether it be taste, ability, disability, family growth or downsizing, consideration for pets or extended family..or simply budget.. no two spaces are ever the same.  I am here to help guide you to bring your ideas to reality, whilst ensuring longevity of style with a healthy practicality for every day life.  Ultimately, the best spaces tell the story of the person who uses that space.   

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